Saturday, January 14, 2012

Before I am Thirty

With my 28th Birthday looming just around the corner, I have been thinking a great deal about things I would like to accomplish before I turn the big 3-0. I figure I will probably need to start now to complete my goals in time!

I would like to learn to play guitar. I am in a family of musically talented people and have never learned an instrument. Well other than trumpet in middle school, but I had braces and no desire to really learn, so I am not counting that!

I would like to go on a cruise. The hubs and I will have our 10th anniversary in a year and a half and we are hoping to celebrate with a cruise. Can you believe we will 29 and celebrating our 10th year of marriage?

I want to learn to do a cartwheel. It's not too late to learn is it?

I want to run a marathon. Nothing crazy, just a short marathon. I am NOT a runner, but would like to be able to run. ~eventually~

So here's my list I am sure I will continue to add to this list and hopefully check things off too.


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