Monday, April 2, 2012

Ahhh Spring~

It is starting to look like Spring again around these parts and I am just thrilled. Today is officially Spring Break. Woo to the hoo! I have high hopes of filling our break with Easter cookie baking, bike riding, and playground playing. I'll let you know how that all turns out, or if I even change out of my pajamas any of the days. This year school breaks have had more meaning than ever before. It is my first year working since my oldest was a baby. The time spent at home is much needed for mental regrouping, family time and for getting my house back in order(kind of). We have been having such warm weather this Spring and have been enjoying playing outside. Hayden has learned to ride his bike without training wheels leaving his twin Tucker in the dust. The hubs took his training wheels off and Hayden had it figured out in about five minutes. He can't get enough of riding his bike. I can't wait till Tucker and Hailey to learn to ride their bikes sans training wheels.
Last Spring being our first year in our new home, I was excited to see what would bloom in my garden. This year we are doing a little work in our yard. We started by pulling out some huge holly bushes.
Okay, I know that this doesn't look so great but we are waiting till there is no fear of frost to put something in here.
I am thinking of maybe some Nandina bushes. I also think Morning Glory would look nice creeping up the porch posts. For now I have am glad to have some early blooming flowers in my yard. I am looking forward to peaches from the peach tree and a bounty of yellow roses and lilacs to cut and add a sweet smell to the house.


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