Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Adventures in Homeschooling

As if working to be the best mother, and wife wasn't enough, I v'e now added homeschooling in to the mix. I am super excited to get to spend extra time with my kiddos. After a disagreement with my kids' private school~ just two weeks in to the school year~ we decided to pull our four kids out and teach them from home. I have turned our front room into a makeshift classroom. It is still a major work in progress but I am liking the way everything is coming along. So, I still have some straightening to do and I have to get the kids books, but I am sooo ready to get started. Everything has been ordered and says it has shipped so now we wait. I'm hoping now that I am working/teaching/mothering from home I will be able to get a handle on things. Now my job is my kids and that is exciting to me. So here we go Miss Adventure, we are ready!!