Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our house~ a work in progress

Well, we moved in to our house in December and I have not posted any "real" pictures. I only have a few to share because some of the house is in disarray. I don't know why I forget to take a pic when the house is nice and tidy, and it doesn't stay clean for long! So first up is our living room, or den, whatever you call it. This is where we hang out the majority of the time.

The white cord-hide thing has been painted now and is not noticeable anymore. I have also redone my mantle a little but am still trying to snaz it up a bit.

My kitchen has a major design flaw, green countertops. On my list of things to do in this house is paint the counters! I have browsed a few bloggers who have used the Rustoleum counter paint and am trying to muster up the courage to try it out.

Hailey's room is so much fun for me to decorate. She is as girly as they get. I have plans to paint her walls a light teal and have my uncle paint monkey's and vines on the walls. She LOVES monkeys!

Tucker and Hayden's room is a work in progress. I made their curtains out of the top sheets from a sheet set (they never use the top sheet anyways). I am planning to paint their walls light blue and navy blue, maybe stripes maybe checkerboard... undecided.

And poor Ian, his room is neglected. His loft bed has a desk and dresser under it so he doesn't have a whole lot of other stuff in his room. I am committed to doing his room first, since he is the oldest but I am lacking inspiration. He definitely needs new curtains and maybe a lounge spot???

I don't have a picture of my bedroom because it is sooo neglected! I also am not posting the sitting room, which we call "the front room". I recently got a job, after being a stay home mom for the past 7 years. I am going to be the K-3 teacher at my my kiddo's school, and am soooo excited! The front room is piled high with stuff I am gathering for my classroom.

So for now I am working on collecting things for my class. As soon as I get things in order with my class I plan on working on Ian's room.


  1. They have the ability to withstand the heat of this type of material is fine with the activities in the kitchen. As for kitchen countertops are considered, the' use of granite inserts a rich look to it.

  2. @montanna
    We are looking into butcher block counters. I am not a big fan of granite, but really like corian.

  3. I love how open your kitchen is! And, my oldest would love the Spongebob cabinet!

  4. You're house is sooo cute!!!!!!!! Congrats! I'm sure it's still sinking in that this is permanent! =)