Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Disaster Table Completion

Okay so it took forever and I had quite a few hiccups along the way, but the table is finished. Well it looks finished and I have moved it into my family room! I still need to apply another coat of poly. The poly that is on it now is a high gloss. I read about furniture painting and found some tips online that suggested a couple of coats of glossy poly (for durability) with a final coat of matte poly. I prefer the look of matte furniture but with four kiddos need some sort of durability. I think it looks pretty nice in the room!

It is not perfect. It had some gouges in the top that are more visible now that it is painted black. I thought I had sanded it enough. I sanded for days, I'm sure my neighbors are all glad I stopped sanding! The shape of the table is not really my style but it was given to me and we can live with it for a while. So here are some more pics and a reminder of the process!
I was planning on staining the table to match some other furniture in the room, but hated it stained!

And finally, after way too long, finished....mostly!


  1. Hey Girl! It's Shelley! That table looks awesome!!!!! :) Great job. I wondered why I didn't hear you sanding any more. :)

  2. Thanks! More projects to come, so listen for the sander!