Saturday, April 9, 2011

No More Pull-Ups!!!!

I am so excited, and I hope I don't jinx it, but my boys are finally staying dry at night and have not worn Pull-Ups for a week now at night! All of my kids were potty trained early, my first son being the oldest when he was trained fully, nighttime trained included, right after his second birthday. My little lady was trained fully at just 18 months, she was soo easy to train! And my twin boys were daytime trained at 18 months but have been wearing Pull-Ups at night since then.
My kids are all very close in age, 18 months and then the twins together, so diaper time has been overlapped always having at least one in diapers since my first son was born 7 and a half years ago! I can not believe I have been buying diapers and Pull-Ups for SEVEN AND A HALF YEARS and I am finally done! WOOHOO!!!! So just for fun I am going to do a quick glimpse of my kiddos over the last 7 years!

Cannot believe how quickly the time is going! They are all getting so big!I want to just hit pause or slow or something to just savor all the time I have with them because I know time will continue to speed by too fast. Here is a more recent pic of the kiddies.


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