Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Improvements

My hubby and I have recently purchased a home. Our second home to be accurate, we use our first home as a rental property. Our first home was a brand new, never lived in three story townhome. We loved it. We had our son who was 1 and a half and were verrry pregnant with our girly. The house was three bedrooms and we fit nicely, for a little while, when my lovely daughter was 10 months old we found out we were pregnant with twins! So we quickly outgrew our townhome. We were pretty much stuck with our home because of the housing market crash and had to cram three boys in a 10 by 10 room, yes our girly had her own room. After a few years of making do we were able to rent out our home but could not find a place to purchase. We rented a massive home with 5 acres of land for a little over a year. Our landlord decided, out of nowhere, to sell the house and we had to find a new place. We found our current home and had moved in in just 6 short weeks. To make it even more exciting we moved in the week before Christmas. Our new house is a 15 year old Colonial style home. We bought our house from a contractor who had bought it a few months earlier on the courthouse steps. He cleaned it up, put in new flooring throughout and sold it to us. At a glance the house looks nice, but with any older home we have some things to work on. Such as, hideous gold knobs:
I was looking into replacing the knobs with new bronze knobs but, I had bronze spray paint leftover from another project, so I yanked those babys off and sprayed them down. Now they look great!


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